uPVC benefits

At Doorway Windows in Caldicot, we supply a range of uPVC products, all sourced from established manufacturers, and we carry out work across the Monmouthshire region, including in Chepstow, Magor and Monmouth itself. But why go with uPVC? What makes the material so special? Get a breakdown below.


The days of plain white uPVC are long gone. You can now get your door or window in practically any shape or style. And the colour and imitation effect options are extensive. Whatever your property looks like, you can tailor your door or window to that theme.

A secure option

The frames are robust in themselves. But you can supplement the frame with double-glazing and a top-of-the-line locking system to really deter intruders.

Energy efficiency

uPVC is a poor conductor of heat so the majority of it gets bounced back around the home. That essentially means a closed-air system and therefore a more consistent temperature and less chance of that heating system kicking in.

Little-to-no maintenance

You’ll never have to sand a uPVC door or window, neither will you have to give it another coat of paint or varnish. It can last for decades and show little in the way of deterioration. All you’ll get is an accumulation of dirt or grime, which only needs a bit of soap and water to rectify.


uPVC makes for a sturdy material and it can withstand the harshest elements that nature can throw at it. It doesn’t corrode or rot and even mitigates any UV effects.

Easy air flow

The advent of tilt and turn window frames means that it’s easier than ever to let fresh air in so it can circulate around your home.

Environmentally friendly

With up to an 80 year lifespan, and given that most uPVC door and window options are principally made up from recyclable materials, it’s safe to say that the uPVC way of life is the greener way of life.

Little-to-no maintenances

From heavy downpours to gusty winds, uPVC can beat back the toughest weather.

Combats noise pollution

Partner up uPVC with double-glazed panes and you’ve got a door or window that’ll stop outside noise coming in by up to 50%.

Fire retardant

uPVC is a fire-resistant material and will neither be the root of a fire or indeed assist in its development.

You can see how a uPVC door or window has a lot offer. For queries, call our team now on

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